Monday, December 22, 2003

skiing was fun and i did quite well (or so i'm told). but that's not what i care about right now.

i missed a 6.5 earthquake in san luis obispo! in some ways, earthquakes are pretty fun... of course, i've never had one happen so close to my home before. yes. as i practiced my snowplow move, san luis was a shakin'. hopefully, this scenario did not take place:

carolyn's computer monitor falls off its precarious perch, shattering expensively.

our wobbly pantry shelving unit dances around, spilling glass bottles and jam jars. the ants rejoice.

my lovingly collected california pottery teacups and saucers clatter and fall off the speakers on the dresser, shattering into collectible teal, periwinke, yellow and green shards.

we weren't really expecting an earthquake- i expected it back home in orange county, not in slo. those are only a few of our terribly breakable non-earthquake-proof items. carolyn's brother should be going to slo tommorow to see what damage, if any (cross your fingers) our apartment sustained. it has to be something, cause we're only 40 miles from the epicenter and my parents felt the quake here, 280 miles away. i'm nervous follllks.

tommorow i (and you) should find out.

oh yeah- i keep reading quotes from online news sources about how its great that the earthquake hit in a "sparsely populated area." hmm.... i guess i don't think of it that way. at least two people died in paso robles, and it WAS after all a 6.5. the northridge quake was only a 6.7. earthquakes are earthquakes and they suck.


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