Friday, January 23, 2004

i almost threw up last night, trying to drink my nyquil. i HATEHATEHATE that stuff. could i take shots of vodka instead?

its not that i hate all liquid medicines. i thought that carolyn's generic pepto bismol was suprisingly okay. i secretly like the tangy weird cherry taste of my expectorant cough syrup i'm taking during the day.... but something about nyquil makes me want to yak- i think its the sickening sweetness. i have dayquil in liquicap form, but i didn't see that for nyquil.

i also am sleeping basically sitting up. i haven't had to do this for a few years, but it helps with bad coughing. the setup is two pillows on top of each other, plus another pillow laying against them at an angle. it keeps the phlegm from settling. yummy!!! i also sleep with kleenex and a waterbottle in my bed for easy access. i'm waiting for the time when i drink water at 4 am and forget to screw the cap on. then, i'll have to protest loudly that NO i did not wet the bed.


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