Monday, February 02, 2004

my going to france is about 90% sure. and if the 10% happens, i'd probably get to go in june. i'd be going with my friend ryanne, who i met because she was looking for a babysitter. from babysitter to european travel companion- sounds good to me!

it would be a cheap trip to france. no dinner in the eiffel tower like my roomate carolyn had when she went to france with her choir. it'd be hostels and frugalness for us :o)

ryanne and i will be finalizing things in the next couple of weeks, and i'll apply for my passport. i've never had one before, since the only foreign countries i've been to are canada and mexico.

a girl in my education class, who is older than me and married, said the farthest she's been from here is oregon! ay yi yi


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