Tuesday, March 09, 2004

i used my super spy vision to sneak a peek at the student teacher placement list. (really. i wasn't supposed to know this) my placement has been requested, but has not yet been accepted by the school. this could mean that it isn't going to work out.

it is a school in paso robles, in a 3/4 combo class. they have two weeks of spring break, from april 5 to april 16. this could cause some problems, as i would only end up with 9 weeks of student teaching instead of the normal 10-11. plus, spring quarter is testing time in classes. yikes!

i couldn't find a picture of the teacher online, but i did find out that she taught kindergarten at the school last year. hmmm...

a 3/4 combo wasn't what i was hoping for, but i'll be happy if i get it. (i wanted 4th or 5th.) technically, i shouldn't be in a class with 3rd graders, as there is supposed to be a 3 grade separation between student teaching experiences.

the good thing about paso is that it is only about 28 miles from here. that'll be a bit of a commute, but nothing like the hour and a half that some people have to drive. besides, i only had a 6 minute drive this quarter.

the other plus is that in-n-out is on the way home. i will soooo eat in-n-out every week!


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