Monday, March 21, 2005

i joined a gym last weekend. its actually considered a top of the line, luxury sort of gym, but because of their awesome deal for teachers, it is a better deal than even 24 hour fitness. yay!

i had the first of my two complimentary appointments with a personal trainer tonight. he'll help me design a workout program and whatever.

i found out that even though my BMI says i am underweight, i am perfect in terms of body fat percentage. ideal for women is between 19 and 22 percent. i'm 21. that means that i'm actually on the higher side of where i want to be. :o) yay me! i'm happy with this, cause it means that i'm not unhealthily skinny and therefore going to have problems with that.

i'll go back and try my hand at a workout on wednesday. a week from that and i'll have my second personal trainer workout where he is totally going to kick my butt and yeah. fun.


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