Thursday, January 18, 2007

I got hiking boots this week. I've needed them for a while, since almost every time I hike I tweak one of my ankles...

Sadly, because of my ridiculous feet, I am now the owner of size 11 MENS hiking boots. 11 mens??? That, my friend, would be women's size 12 1/2. (Or maybe even 13) There is no such thing as a woman's 12 1/2 hiking boot.

My nightmare is that someday I will need to buy size 13 shoes regularly... I normally wear 11's, even though my feet are size 12 (left) and 11 1/2 (right). Most shoe manufacturers seem to get a bit sloppy with the largest sizes and make them bigger than they should be, which is fine with me! I would feel icky if I always needed to get 12's. Um, and my shoe size will probably go up to a 13 as I age/ have children, according to other tall women I know.

You simply cannot have size 13 feet and expect to get cute shoes. Ever.

I may be hiking on Sunday. Watch out! I might stomp you. If you are an ant.


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