Monday, March 15, 2004

i've had bangs since i was about a year and a half old. the last few days, i've been obsessed with somehow altering my current look. my hairdresser told me once that i'd look really cute with "side swept bangs." if these "side swept bangs" look like bunny mcintosh's then i would be happy. i have had the same basic hairstyle for the last TWENTY YEARS. look how cute i was with my bangs and my maraca, mixin' things up in my grandparents' backyard.

even when my hair was short, i still had the same old bangs. today i tried to part them and push them to the sides, but it was wierd. i wouldn't know what to do without the bangs. i mean, i have a largish widows peak, and i'm pale. when i pull my bangs straight back, i look like a russian ballerina. i look so different that i think some people wouldn't recognize me. but then they would, because there aren't many skinny almost 6'1" white girls running around town. maybe these so called "side swept bangs" would be less harsh than no bangs.

also, if i changed my bangs i would have to pay more attention to those russian eyebrows of mine


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