Monday, December 27, 2004

well! back from the big family gathering... last night we watched some great old family videos.

highlights included:

sarah being bashed into the couch lovingly by her cousins

sarah screaming in the ocean, trying to claw her way back up daddy's arm

the most insane christmas pageant ever conducted

this little play was the zany idea of my aunt. she got 7 of us cousins, ages... oh... lets say 1 1/2 to 4... dressed up and as some guy read the story in the bible, my aunt pulled us on stage, tried to stop us from crying, and gave us "cues."

i was the best behaved one. i was the angel, and i stood obediently on the hearth until i got tired and sat down. there was a little incident when the star of bethlehem tried to take the baby jesus doll and mary hit her and the star cried until an arm pulled her offstage.

it degenerated further when we all tried to sing "away in a manger"

we laughed so hard watching it- it was classic.


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