Thursday, April 14, 2005

my final eval from the principalman was today. i was told what grade i will most likely be teaching next year.

oh wait. i mean GRADES. 2/3 combo class - yay

there were two reasons he gave for me to teach the combo.
1- i am very organized (i snickered when he said this)
2- i have a very good understanding of the content standards (i agree with this one)

i swear, why does everyone at school think i am organized? i still have a pile of papers and books and photos and shite on the floor in front of the whiteboard from when i dumped the contents of my desk on the floor tuesday. i can't write on a 2 foot section of it!! there is junk in the way!! and seriously, where is that book i was looking for cause i think it is gone forever. and there are piles in the cupboards from when i "cleaned" for open house.

it is actually top secret that i'm supposed to teach that grade. i'm not supposed to let anyone else at school know that i know. it is a bit of a sore subject, because people from our school are going to be losing their jobs or transferred to other schools. (i am friends with the teacher whose position i'm taking.)


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