Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Happy winter solstice! So, I'm back from the wedding, and I have a new appreciation for the moderate temperatures of San Jose, even if southern ca is still way warmer. It snowed on the wedding day! I don't think I've ever seen it snow like that before, so gentle and fluttery. But there was ICE on the roads and we fishtailed all over in our rental cars... Poor Steve is going to be there for most of the winter, too. He has 7 weeks of training in the same suburban town that my cousins live in.

I am jealous of my cousin. Not because she's married, but because they were able to buy a house already. It is bigger than my parents house, and... yeah. Bitter over here. I could afford a house in Oregon, which makes me mad. I want a house, bad. Then I can fufill my domestic fantasies. Of course, unlike my cousin, I wouldn't buy a house down the street from my parents.

I made ya'll a snowflake.

You can make your own here


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