Monday, March 20, 2006

Just for ya'll- my new music from the last two weeks:

Arcade Fire- Funeral
I've been meaning to buy this CD for almost TWO YEARS. (Since it came out) I finally got around to it, and I really wish I'd done it sooner. Pitchfork gives it a 9.7/10, which isn't something that happens often. Great CD. Was reccommended to me by a music store employee because I am a fan of Neutral Milk Hotel.

The Decemberists- Picaresque
I wanted to get this CD because I heard that it was less stagey than their other albums, and the stageyness is the only problem I have with The Decemberists. I like it! Good CD. Not as revolutionary as Arcade Fire, but worth it if you've liked the Decemberists in the past but kinda were turned off by all the pirate songs and such. Not that there are no pirate songs, but... uh... they are a little bit less sea chantey like... 8.3/10 from Pitchfork.

Wolfmother- self titled
What to say? I heard this band on the radio. This album isn't available in the US for another month or something, but you can (gasp) illegally download it. They are Australian. They make completely non-ironic 70's music. Linked review is from Rolling Stone. I think this CD is awesome, and I made all the boyfriend's car stereo friends listen to it this weekend while they were over at his house doing boy things. ***.5/*****

Speaking of Neutral Milk Hotel, here is a review of them by Pitchfork. Only 10/10 review I think I've ever seen.


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