Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ahem. Another post.

They are playing an episode of "What Not to Wear" with a girl who is my height (6'1"ish) and skinny. Actually, she is as skinny as I was back when I was skinny with an exclamation mark. Like, I'm sure that she weighs about 120 pounds.

Unfortunately it didn't help me with any of the clothing issues I have (finding longer lengths, not looking so darn silly with the expanses of fabric) but they DID have her in a lot of heels. Like 2 inch heels.

I don't wear heels very often because I feel like no one wants a 6'3" teacher running around. Heels just make me feel like I am flaunting my height in a way that is over-the-top and ridiculous. Should I be taller than every man in the room? I went grocery shopping in a cute dress and heels once and felt so funny. I could hardly bend down far enough to get to things on the bottom shelves! (Now, mind you, I was dressed like that because I was on my way home from a lunch date.)

Maybe the heels thing is part of the discomfort with my body that I have only somewhat gotten over. I think that inside your head you are always the way you looked in junior high.


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