Thursday, July 06, 2006


Say hello to Tony! Tony is the first kitten pictured in the post below. He traveled from the rescue place in Morgan Hill to Sunnyvale without even a meow. (I think the cat carrier is one of his favorite hangouts.) Of course.... now that he is installed, he is mewling like crazy, trying to make us think he fell into a well or perhaps is being attacked by spiders.

To show how smart he is, I can tell you that he already found the litter box and used it. Or ... well ... he found it, played in it twice, and then actually used it on the third try. He also invented a game called "That must not be my paw coming around the other side of the chair leg, so I'd better bat at it."

Oh, uh.... you may notice that Tony has a slight case of pirate eye... He and his brothers are fighting off cute little kitty colds. (I swear! He isn't one-eyed!)


At 2:58 PM, Anonymous Thomas! said...

It's cute but it's no puppy...


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