Saturday, August 12, 2006


I KNEW it was them! A stinking dent in the door of my car, and I hadn't parked next to anyone besides in my apartment complex carport in days.

No sign of neighbor's car. They work long hours or something. I go to the office, tell them I am 99.9% sure that my neighbors hit my car. They agree to ask them.

Today I go to the office and they tell me that the neighbors said it wasn't them. Also, they can't tell me what apartment has that spot. Also, they technically shouldn't have even asked the neighbors about it because they aren't involved with "personal matters."

So.... I started thinking that maybe - just maybe - I could have been wrong.

I went outside a half hour ago because I noticed their car was in their spot. What a surprise! A bunch of missing paint on the edge of their door that is the exact same height as the dent in my door.

Stupid people. How could you deny it when the evidence is just sitting there??

Tomorrow, when it is light, I will take photos. And tell my apartment complex people that they damn sure better tell me whose spot that is. (Or else I'll have to get all passive agressive on them.)


At 4:54 PM, Anonymous Stephanie Park said...

so have I ever mentioned that crack me up? I just read all the blogs, that I can see just sitting her and laughed like 10 times.
Anywho's, I hope you have fun being all passive aggressive on them and that they don't get all really aggressive back. :)


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