Monday, July 31, 2006


I planned carefully so that I would have plenty of money to get me through the summer. I actually planned so well that I could have continued paying extra on my car, and had some money left over.

Now it looks like, due to medical type expenses that I didn't quite expect, I will NOT be paying on my car (at all) for the next three months. I'm 4 months ahead, so technically this is okay, but I wanted to continue paying ahead.

And I may still be short money. Borrow from boyfriend or brother? Neither sound like fun.

I really hope I'm wrong in my calculations somehow...

Edited: I may be okay if I do the Bad Thing, which is not paying my rent, credit card, and car payment that are due like Sept. 31st/Oct. 1st until I get paid on Sept. 30th. With that paycheck. Which is living paycheck to paycheck which suuuuucks and I have been able to avoid for a while. I do actually have 6 month's living expenses saved like they say to, but I can't get at it until the end of October.


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