Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Happiest Potties on Earth

Tommorow I'm going to Disneyland!

I haven't been there since I went off to college 6 years ago, which feels like a very long time. I actually had a Disneyland pass for two years in high school. And it was 94 dollars for a year pass!! (SoCal residents only, and it had blackout days when you couldn't go- mostly weekends in the summer and holidays)

The equivalent of the pass I used to get seems like it is $149, and a one day, single park ticket is a whopping $59.

Mmm, Capitalismland. I should see if that website I used to go to about the best Disneyland bathrooms is still up. I think I remember two of the sorta-hidden, cleaner, emptier ones. One is below the restaurant on the lake by Tom Sawyer's Island, and the other is in a building in the New Orleans-type area. I think.

Oh, horray! "The Happiest Potties on Earth: The Restrooms of Disneyland" still exists!


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