Saturday, November 04, 2006

Done with one!

Knitting and watching crime dramas. Yes, this is the life. Much better than doing report cards like I should be... Oh, notice my fancy Lantern Moon knitting needles? Ahem. Thank you daddy, who said he would buy me any needles I wanted...

A few trees. They're all curly and don't look very good!

Ahhh, blocking. You wet the stuff and pin it into the shape you want it to be. When they're dry, they magically stay the shape they were pinned!

Let's see. I embroidered some stars, sewed on a tiny bell, macramed a loop to hang it from, sewed the edges to the edges of another knit tree, and stuffed it.

I think they'll all be different. I need to make 11, plus however many I feel like doing for myself and/or other gifts. :o)


At 2:14 PM, Anonymous Meg G. said...

Hi Sarah,
I got my ornament a couple of weeks ago! Thank you so much -- it is gorgeous! Happy holidays :)
~meg in atlanta, from your ornament swap group


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