Saturday, November 11, 2006

This morning I thought it was Sunday, and I was trying to remember what I had done on Friday. I was so excited when I realized I still had two more days of weekend left. Score!

So... I went shopping and bought stuff with my friend Jenna. Which is exactly what we did yesterday.

Total haul:
3 t-shirts
2 pairs of shoes **sale!** (one) (two)
1 pair of socks **sale!**
1 pair of really thick cream tights (sale?)
4 pairs of knitting needles **sale!**
1 set of double pointed needles **sale!**
1 sheep tape measure for mommy's xmas stocking **sale!**
4 balls of yarn **sale!**

Uh, the **sale!** markings are to make me feel better. Actually.... yeah. Sales.

You see, I had to buy one of the pairs of shoes and the tights so I could wear the brown dress I bought a while ago now that it is cold. I wore it to a breast cancer benefit evening at the yarn store last night, and got complements from three people. Crazy.


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