Sunday, August 26, 2007

And so it begins!

Tomorrow is the first day of school. The desks are rearranged so that my three (yes, only three) second grade students are separated from the 17 third graders in the class. The silliness of the desk arrangement makes me wonder how this year will go.

Teaching a combination class will not be easy. I hope that it will make me a BETTER teacher (albeit a more stressed-out one.) I'll have no downtime, but that might be good.

Next weekend is the Scottish Festival in Pleasanton! I will be there, along with perhaps my in-laws (ha!) and my parents. I plan to bring a sock to knit on. This has me very excited... I shall knit while watching the scottish highland games! Wool! 100 degree heat! Haggis! CABER TOSS!


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