Friday, July 13, 2007

Everything today happened wrong.

1) Costco printed my photos wrong for the second time. They are greeeeen instead of sepia, but only the 5x7's. The 4x6's are okay. I have to go back for a third time to see if they meet with my approval, or if I will make them run them again. Evidently there was something wrong with the processing chemicals that are used for that size. (Different sizes, different chemicals? Strange.)

2) Secret things for secret Steve surprises were unsatisfactory and must be re-done. Secret!

3) The yarn I bought for the Hanami Stole may be all wrong for the pattern. Also, I bought a retarded crochet hook that was much larger than it says it is, and I bought the wrong beads. Two things of wrong beads.

For all of these things I have been driving ALL OVER town. 150 miles in just 3 days! Around town! Most of that in traffic!


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