Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Important Bag

I just had an extremely unpleasant 20 minutes. My Important Bag (marked "very important!" with a permanent marker) was not in its place. The Important Bag has about $500 in gift certificates, two uncashed checks, wedding photos, and a bunch of blank thank you notes. Steve knows he is not supposed to move it. It is clear that the Important Bag must stay next to the couch.

BUT IT WAS GONE, and I knew it wasn't me who moved it. Now, besides the "very important!" the bag says "wedding gift cards and thank you notes" so I first wondered if someone stole it. We did have some people tour the place when it was up for sale. Did it dissapear then and I didn't know?? Did something else bad happen? I looked all over the first floor, in boxes, in the closet, everywhere. I did locate the errant lid to one of our pans, which someone had placed on top of the microwave, which is on top of the fridge. (We are tall people.)

I looked in the car. I looked in the garage. I found my missing jeans in the garage! Horray. Someone else packed up my stuff after the wedding, and I was missing quite a few items. At about this point I realized my heart was beating faster and my face was completely white. I really freak out when things are missing.

I looked in the bedroom, under the piles of clothes on the floor. I looked in the hall closet. I checked the desk. I looked between the furniture...

Hm. Steve's desk. It has a strange shelf under the desktop, down where your legs go. ANNNND there was the bag. In a place you can't even see unless you get down on the ground. Obviously not my fault that I didn't know where the Important Bag was.

Such are the perils of getting married. People move your shit all the time, and it is awful. At the wedding, my best woman and roomate for three years, Carolyn, warned Steve to never touch my piles. Just. Don't. Bad husband.


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