Monday, January 12, 2004

i've been in tons of classrooms, but today was the first time i've taught a formal lesson in front of an entire class, by myself. it was funny- my height gave me problems because i have to bend over to even touch the desk that my materials were sitting on. and you can bet i couldn't read any of my lesson plan from that distance, either!

it went okay- the class has some problem students and the teacher said i dealt with them very well. my problem was more with the not being able to reach things and forgetting to say a few things since i couldn't glance at my notes. but i didn't die! and i bet the kids thought everything was fine.

my university supervisor says he'll be coming to observe me teaching once a week. that makes me nervous.

i have a desk in the classroom. today i brought in bookends, a pencil cup, picture frames, a paper in/out tray, etc. it's quite exciting. and the teacher gave me a cute notepad and wrote "good morning, sarah!" on it. awwww


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