Saturday, January 10, 2004

so i just noticed meghan's comment about wanting to hear about student teaching more.

some thoughts so far:
--the class only has twenty kids in it but 20 first graders is SO MANY. even though like 2-5 of them have been absent per day.
--i bought hand sanitizer because these children teem with germs and green snot and yes. snot. i'm always reminding them to blow their noses.
--i read the book "the paper bag princess" by robert munch friday and they loved it. i'm going to brag a little here, but i am very good at reading out loud, and it makes a big difference. that and an exciting, funny story. they were the quietest i've ever seen them.
--first graders constantly interrupt class with random comments about what they ate for dinner, what they saw while driving to school, etc. i do not know exactly how to handle this.
--there are two children in the class who need lots of help. neither of them would qualify for special ed, but very much need one on one learning. meanwhile there is another child who needs no help but qualifies for special ed. this is poopy.
--one child alternates between hugging me, giving me candy, asking for my phone number, and then throwing things, disobeying me, and lying to me. all while being darn cute. the teacher says "isn't she wonderful? But I don't know what to do about her."
--it is very very hard for me to come up with outfits where my shirt and my pants overlap. all my clothes are too short and it isn't fun.
--teachers say things during lunch time that aren't always very nice.


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