Monday, June 27, 2005

and i'm back! these pictures are from our last full day in the sierras. the flowers are (i think) called drummond's anemone. they were all over the ground when we tried to go hiking on something called "trail of the gargoyles." our drive to where the trail started was unusual, seeing as the roadway was blocked by snowdrifts. so, i got to play in the snow in june! it wasn't even icy snow- it was still soft. more evidence that our weather this year has been wacky.

the fact that no one had probably gone on the trail since last year also meant that we couldn't figure out where the trail went because it was poorly marked. we did see a couple unusual rock formations, and there was a great view.

the week was fun- i got to do a little hiking, and a lot of relaxing. i went kayaking, watched the boys fish, read, and even got a slightly better tan! now i have two weeks left before i start teaching summer school. how the time does fly...


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