Thursday, January 05, 2006

I called the regional headquarters for my apartment management company to complain today. I've noticed that for a while now, things have been slowly getting kind of sketch around here. More trash around, slow slow slow fixing of problems, constant changes in office staff... PLUS, my rent went up 60 bucks a month.

Anyways, according to the woman I talked to, it was not just my imagination, and there really has been a problem with my complex. The company has been like... making changes to try to bring us up to the standards of their other (nicer) complexes. She feels that some progress has been made since September, when the sketchiness was noted by them. She also said that things should continue to get better, that she wants me to talk to the new manager about things, and that some of the maintenence issues that are still unresolved after a year and eight months will really be addressed now. (How could the new manager know? We've had three managers and a four month period with no manager since I've lived here.)

She hopes I won't leave when my lease is up, or even break the lease early. I've thought about it, because I keep seeing how much nicer other people's places are. Of course, those other places are out of my reach financially, or would require roomates. Too bad I'm a loser with practically no female friends! (Make that bitter loser...)


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