Sunday, April 09, 2006

I guess these things DO work on my mac...

So, yesterday I walked around Santana Row (local shi-shi fancypants outdoor mall/ritzy apartment place) looking way hot. I had on a cute dress and my super sexy heels, even though I was just meeting a friend for lunch. Oh! And nice earrings and fancy hair! I went all out.

Afterwards, I went shopping at Trader Joe's. I got to be sexy in the grocery store, and I mean... I was 6'2 1/2". Hard not to notice. It was difficult, however, to get the wine off the bottom shelf. I had to crouch instead of just bending at the waist.

As I carried my case of wine up the stairs (Uh, I only bought 6 bottles, plus some balsamic vinegar.) I saw one of my students plus her family. Then I did a quick change into yoga pants and a shirt, only to see them again. Hello! New clothes so I don't have to re-negotiate the stairs with fancy high-heels!

Today I didn't get dressed until 1, and as of right now have not left my apartment. I have big plans to empty the garbage, though.


At 2:57 AM, Anonymous Jon Jon said...

In reference to your much-needed dream entries, you might want to add some horrible misadventures that may have befallen you upon meeting your student and her family. Perhaps you trip whilst going up the stairs and pretty much end up painting the wall with wine and a little balsamic vinegar.
Maybe you tried to kick your foot up and your super sexy heel came flying off and impaled itself into some poor fellow that then chases you to a Subway. You were also wearing your yoga cloths, however, so then the super sexy heel impaled man labels you the Yoganator. Hmm, that sounds like some sort of yogurt favored killing machine.
All this could only come from the twisted mind of mine anyway.
I still have yet to see a post about your reoccurring nightmare with you driving, but I will leave the rest of that story and dream to you.

At 3:00 AM, Anonymous Jon Jon said...

And that stinks because the paragraphs that I entered did not show up and it looks like a blob of text. Oh well, so much for making something look nice to a teacher that covers grammar and writing every day.


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