Monday, April 10, 2006

los bluejeans

I don't know why, but I decided to go jeans shopping tonight... It is always an ordeal, and usually ends with me not finding a single pair that fit. I mean, in the last 10 years, I've only worn two jean styles! Levis 517's (no longer made) and Lucky Dungarees Sweet & Lows in X-tra long (no longer made in extra long.) Okay, it's three if you include the Lucky brand trouser pants I bought almost two years ago.

Those were the only jeans I came across in all that time that fit me and were under... oh... $150. I usually have to pay about a hundred for jeans. Even my Levis were something like 50-70 dollars.

I never fit jeans because I need a 36 inch inseam, plus my waist is small and my hips are big. Uh, and the other wierd thing is that jeans often cut in at the front and make me look like Pudgy McStomachmeister, while simeltanously gaping at the back like they're too large. I think it's me, not the jeans, cause it tends to really confuse the salespeople. So no jeans at the Gap or J. Crew tonight. Then I went to J. Jill, where I tried on jeans that fit horribly, including one pair that I swear Steve's mom owns. Uh, lets see. I eliminated like 3 places over the phone (Your longs are only 33" inseam??? HA!) and I also didn't go to a bunch of places because I tried to find jeans at them a few months ago.

I went to Lucky, were I tried on men's jeans. They either gave me a mysteriously bulging crotch, or just.... made me look really tall and gangly. On to women's jeans! I found one okay hundred dollar pair that I bought. I mean, they're almost long enough, and they fit me really nice.... but they're distressed and I HATE that. I can wear down the backs of my jeans till there are strings myself, thank you. But I bought 'em because otherwise I would have no jeans.

On my way out I thought hmm... Banana Republic. I wonder how much their jeans cost? I ask the saleslady, and she says $68 (!!!) Whaaaaaat? How is that possible? So anyways, I have two pairs of surprisingly affordable Banana Republic jeans. One pair is on the short side, not made in long. The other is on order, in long. I think I'm going to return the nice-fitting Luckys, though, and hold out for them to start making my Sweet & Lows. My buddy at the store is calling corporate for me! I told him my daddy built their warehouse, but I don't think that matters. Too bad I only got those free pairs of Luckys back in 6th or 7th grade. :oP


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