Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Weird Things

1. Asian girl kneeling in the gutter down the street from Steve's house while a man takes pictures of her with a nice camera. She gets up and they kiss.

2. Old man in (Sikh?) turban asking me what I am carrying as I headed toward my apartment this afternoon. "You're a cheater? Oh, teacher. What do you teach? What can you teach me? English? No, I teach English all over the world. Math? I have a PHD in math. Science? I know that. Art? Oh, I am not so good in art. Come to my apartment if you would like another student and you may teach me art." Hmmmmm..... Old man, I like you and the wacky matching workout outfits you wear as you excersize in your turban but... uh... I'm not coming over.


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