Saturday, June 03, 2006


I was able to go with my friend to the concert last night. We got there early, and I ended up having five (5) drinks over the six hours. That includes a shot of Jack Daniels with the bartender. I know, totally not my normal operating procedure.... In fact, it is the most I have drank while out, ever. :oP And I can say that whisky is really not too bad. I'd opt for it over vodka for sure.

But back to the music! The last time I saw Danielson, it was just Daniel, accoustic, singing out of a tree to an audience of 8. This concert was Daniel, plus his two sisters, two of his brothers (I think), and one other guy. They were dressed in light and dark green uniforms and nurse caps, and they rocked. Electric guitars, drums, bells, hand claps...... Awesome. The place was packed, and pretty much everyone I talked to had only recently been introduced to the Danielson Family. That makes me feel funny, having been listening to them for 8 years. (Can it be true?)

Oh man. I will be going to as many Danielson concerts as possible, because they are always wonderful.


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