Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm trouble!

I pulled up to my apartment this afternoon (schoolisoverthankgoodness) and was immediately disturbed by the fact that my bedroom and living room windows appeared to be open. What happened? Was there a maitenence emergency? Was I robbed?

I open the door and ...surprise! My carpets were cleaned! Kind of! I said no to the first date they gave me for my "thanks for renewing your lease" carpet cleaning, and uh... as far as I know I was never told that they scheduled me for today. I remember one phone message about the canceled date, but that is it. Maitenence man says he left me one about today.

The problem is that my floor is a horrible mess. Think of the worst you have ever seen my apartment look, and then add two more sweaters on the bedroom floor, and a couple boxes of schtuff in the living room.... They couldn't get to a lot of my carpet. I am VERY UNHAPPY. I went to the office looking VERY UNHAPPY and made sure my carpet will be re-cleaned after I have been informed. And cleaned my mess.

I really hope that I am correct that I was not notified. I also hope that the office people don't think I'm an annoying troublemaker..........


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