Saturday, January 05, 2008

I was driving down my street on Friday and saw a man standing outside in the pouring rain, using a hose to wash down his driveway.

We've been having some storms up here the past few days. It was raining very hard- enough that my garage started to flood, and I saw several trees and a fence down in my neighborhood from the rain/wind combo. We may get hail tomorrow as well. ;o)

I'm currently knitting another pair of socks (my fourth) and recruiting more of my real-life friends who happen to knit or crochet into Ravelry. It is fun to see them appear on the site! Soon it will be open, and then anyone will be able to see the huge amount of data and projects I've been accumulating on my site there. I must admit it has taken some of my internet time away from this blog...


At 3:58 PM, Anonymous michelle said...

just before i came here i joined ravelry (or signed up to join at least!) and thought that you probably must be on there by now! :)

i'm not crafting (or blogging) too much these days with a crazy work schedule, but hope i can see an end to this in sight! :)


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