Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Well, I kind of did start another crafty thing. Not THE crafty thing I was thinking of, but something else- wine glass charms. I think they'd be handy when having company. I did the purchasing of supplies, but I don't plan on making them for a while.

In the meantime: interminable school work and existing crafts. (Scrapbook, cross stitch.) I worked at school from 7.15 to 5.35. WAY too long, folks! Sunrise to sunset, practically. (I actually WAS away from work during 16 minutes of daylight, but I spent all of it driving.)

Want to hear the weather forecast for tomorrow? 73 and sunny. HA! Just like Monday, Tuesday, and today. I'm just going to lord it over ya'll. I was just thinking about how it was almost like good old southern california, when I made the mistake of looking at the weather in Irvine. It was... get this... 89 degrees yesterday. Did you catch that? EIGHTY NINE DEGREES. In February! I'm freaking out just a little right now, and wanting to pack up and move back to good old orange county. Now what my mom told me makes sense. Yesterday, she wanted to put on her tank top as she walked around the neighborhood, but decided not to because she thought she might get a sunburn. I thought she was exaggerating, but I guess she wasn't. It was even 84 in good old San Luis Obispo.

Everyone thinks I'm a dork, but I really do dislike the weather here and think it's too cold. Ah well. I will take pleasure in the unseasonably warm weather, while also being pissed about the fact that I could live somewhere warmer.


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