Saturday, March 24, 2007

I've been sick the whole last week, and all my motivation to actually do something today has dissapeared. This is mostly due to the fact that Steve is no longer coming back from Japan tomorrow. His company extended his trip until Friday. So now I am sad and upset about it, and don't feel like cleaning anything or doing the shopping, because why bother? It'll just be me and Tony for another week. I was supposed to be getting the keys to our new place, but I found out that that has been postponed until tomorrow.

This is the first I've been out of bed today. I had cereal in bed while listening to podcasts and knitting. Tony alternated between snuggling with me, biting my yarn, and trying to drink my lemonade.

Next week will be hard. I haven't been getting at all better from this cold, and next week is open house. My classroom needs some serious attention. I have a whole bulliten board that needs to be re-done, plus several other class sets of things that need to be put up.

I did manage to finish that second pair of socks today, so maybe I'll take pictures tomorrow.


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