Monday, August 04, 2008

Six years- Recap

It totally slipped my mind, but July 21st was my 6th anniversary of blogging. Goodness!

To the time machine!

In the first week of August...

2002- My friends drained pasta in a bath towel and I had a milk party! (Ahh... the milk party. My best memory from that whole summer...)

2003- I rollerskated around a vintage shop on one skate with the employee who was totally flirting with me even though he was like 10 years older than I was. Mr. Vintage Shop tracked down skates for me, sold me a knit suit, an orange telephone, and the vintage dress of my dreams. (All at significant discounts.)

2004- I got ready to begin my first year teaching, including removing all trace of my maiden name from this blog. I even had to write to Google because I was the #1 special highlighted result for Sarah ______.

2005- I stole turquoise butcher paper from another school in my district because I NEEDED turquoise. Um... the stolen paper is still hanging in my room. When it needs replacing I may go back and steal more.

2006- I went to the Ice Capades.

2007- I had just gotten home from the honeymoon and I was really sick of weddings. (This still continues. I have to talk to the photo lady to get things going for the wedding album but uuuuuuggghghhghkl.)

2008- General freaking out about house stuff.

Six years ago I was subletting a room for the summer while I took an English class where we read sex literature (Brokeback Mountain among them), philosophy of religion, and a totally insane upper division Spanish literature class that was conducted entirely in Spanish. (I got a B+.) I worried about my ex boyfriend (now my husband) and ate a lot of 99 cent chicken sandwiches at Carl's Junior. I worked in a computer lab with my boyfriend Ben and one of our buddies, and spent several weekends driving to Southern California for my friend's wedding events and baby shower. My air conditioning was kind of broken and those trips were very sweaty. I was rear ended on the freeway (blogged it) and then I rear ended someone else a week later in my rental car (didn't blog it.)

In those six years I
-grew my hair from a pixie cut to the middle of my back, cut it to a pixie cut, and currently have grown it almost to the middle of my back again.
-gained 20 hard-won pounds
-studied teaching for two years and then had four classes of children, totaling around 104 kids.
-wrote 1,382 blog posts. (Whew!)


At 7:43 AM, Blogger Dave said...

Thank you for recapping why I enjoy your amusing randomness. I'm not going to ask why it's good that you gained 20 pounds or the whole reasoning of going from pixie to long to pixie to long to... I'm sure that'll be part of the fun.


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