Friday, July 04, 2008

So of COURSE we didn't hear anything today

Did anyone (except me) really think that "no later than the 3rd" really meant that we'd hear back on the 3rd?

Now we won't hear back till Monday, I assume, which also happens to be the 7th- aka the date which the seller's realtor put as the expiration date on our offer extension. Now I'm thinking... good lord, if we have to sign another extension I am going to .... probably sign it and mutter and sigh about HOW LONG this stupid thing is taking. But I believe that the 7th means something and we will have an answer by then. (Just like I thought we'd hear something today.)

I want to spend my 1 year anniversary in a big empty new house with crazy lime green paint in the bathroom. Besides, my plans to see about spending a night or two in Big Sur are screwed now that that whole area is on fire. If Nepenthe burned I would probably cry.


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