Wednesday, July 16, 2008

If you've visited my place, you know that my neighborhood is.... interesting. I live just steps away from not one, but TWO liquor stores. One is the Indian-owned Mexican liquor store, where you can find an amazing variety of food, like 4 pound bags of powered sugar or hot dogs with the brand name "10 Wieners." That place is my favorite.

The OTHER liquor store does have a great stock of Ben & Jerry's, but they also have bars on the windows and sometimes women who seem to be standing around outside wearing clothing that is rather small... Anyways, to the point here. Although this place has a parking lot with at least 8 spots, the lot is always empty. Where do the people park who need the alcohols?? All crazy-like on the sidewalk in front of the store, of course! It is the weirdest thing. I can't even figure out how they drive away, since there are usually two cars on the sidewalk and they can't pass each other. Do they drive off the curb at the corner? I have no idea.


I was looking for something else in my archives and came across this 2005 story about a creepy guy who came up to me in an Ikea. Enjoy the weirdo.


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