Sunday, February 12, 2006

Here I am exactly 1 year ago. So maybe my students are right, and I DO look prettier with long hair. Yes, I do -- but not funkier! I'm much funkier right now...

I've been busy! Here's what I've been doing instead of updating my website.

1) Went to a German restaurant where a band of old fat Germans in funny outfits played a cover of "All My Exes Live in Texas." I almost died with the hilarity of it. Accordians! Old German men with funny hats and lederhosen! George Strait!

2) Made my students handmade Valentines. My mom told me she used to make heart shaped Valentines with a stick of gum attatched, and then wrote "I chews you" on them.

3) Got a haircut. I'm not sure yet how short it is, because when Glenn cuts my hair it always seems to be extremely short, but when I wash it and do it myself it miraculously seems to grow an inch.

4) Went to see La Boheme with Steve. Wore a sheer black silk dress for which I had to find a slip so the ladies with the furs and diamonds couldn't see my underpants.


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