Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wedding thoughts part 1

I have to get going with the wedding planning. I think I'm a bit behind, and I have had the SCARY SCARY realization that the whole wedding thing is happening in oh... 4 months. Good lord. That is not long at all.

Anyways, would I be completely insane if I wore these shoes, these beige-y snakeskin patent leather awesome shoes, with this wedding dress? I secretly have been wanting to. In fact, I ordered them at the mall Sunday afternoon. I have them in black, and I've wanted them in this color too. If I can wear them for my wedding, I'll actually have wedding shoes I'll wear normally. Uh... also, Nordstroms had no other shoes that worked. Not one pair of cream sandals or open toed anything in size 11 or 12 with around a 1.5 inch heel. What is with this? It was either flats or 3 inch heels. I don't think I want to be 6'4" for the wedding, thank you.

The wedding will be outside, in the afternoon. I won't have a veil. Maybe there will be flowers in my hair, maybe I'll have some sort of headpiece.

Scary major things that I probably am screwed for not having set up yet:
-I've never seen the place I'm getting married


At 7:10 PM, Anonymous Lucy W. Normand said...

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