Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I was not expecting this one

So I went for my wedding dress viewing appointment yesterday.

Looks like they accidentally sent me a petite instead of a long.....

I had some fleeting thought of something being wrong when I was stepping into the dress (it didn't seem as poofy and big as it should have) but I was utterly shocked when the girl pulled the dress up and suddenly my legs were free and bare.

Like the saleslady peeking around the corner? She was worried that everyone would be really upset. She thought I should just take the dress off, but I reassured her that my mom would find the surprise very, very funny. Fortunately, there is enough time for the company to remake my dress, correctly this time. It was supposed to be 62" long, but they sent a 52" dress instead.

Um, so... wedding dress #2 will be here by May 21st...


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