Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May! How did this happen?

1. Invitation prototype is mostly completed. I just need to create RSVP postcards and an info insert on my computer. I am very proud of myself for successfully creating the actual invitation without any disasters or need for bailout.
2. I have a person to alter my dress

Other people's weddings
1. I haven't tried on the bridesmaids dress for Carolyn's wedding in June. Due to some... ahem... incomplete information about my size, the bridesmaid who did the orders got me a size 6, and I needed a size 4. Now I weigh about 5 pounds less, and I knoooow the size 6 is going to be a tad roomy in the bust. And I need it altered probably, but I am too nervous about it not fitting to actually try it on.
2. Damn. I should be planning the wedding shower and bachelorette party, but instead I am reading* and knitting.

1. I started the Clementine shawlette from Interweave. I should like... take a photo and such.
2. There is no number two.

*I am rereading The Time Traveler's Wife, which I read two years ago and really loved. I started it last night and am now on page 259. My parents used to say I ate books, not read them. I'm surprised I've had time to knit obsessively as well.


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