Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Baby Surprise Jacket (for no baby in particular)

(And no I'm not pregnant) (Why did the supermarket cashier ask me if I was yesterday, anyways? For such a skinny girl, I seem to get asked that a lot.)

Sorry for the poor photo. I am way too lazy to go down the stairs and into the parking lot to get my camera, which I accidentally left in the car.

Here is my most recent obsession- a Baby Surprise Jacket, from Elizabeth Zimmerman. I am using my most favorite yarn ever, which I bought a bunch of on clearance at Commuknity. Don't bother looking there for Noro Silver Thaw in color 2, because I bought every skein they had. (Only 3 skeins, but that is 660 yards worth.) I used the same yarn for this scarf for my mom this winter, and a clone of the same scarf I made for myself.

I can tell you that this pattern is tons of fun. Or... is it the beautiful self-striping yarn? I'll post more, better photos in a few days when I get closer to being done.

P.S.- Anyone want to take my Tony-cat? He just pooed on the floor in anger. Gar. Doesn't he know I am busy finding a place to live, writing report cards, and planning a wedding? (To make an honest kitten out of him of course.) He has never done this before..... I THINK. Just wait, when I move I'll find little poos under all the furniture.


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