Saturday, May 24, 2008

Freaking out here

I did the ritualistic daily refreshing of the home listing, and it says "Pending with release" which means that there is a contract in effect. So, um... whose?

Is it OURS? Do we have the house barring any chimney-related disasters?? Have we just not heard anything because there is a wildfire near our realtor's house and for all we know she has been evacuated?

Or was the mysterious third offer hugely better than ours and no one told us and no one let us raise our offer.

This is awful. I may start feeling pukey with stress soon if no one lets me know what is going on.

Edit- I just talked to our realtor. There is NO contract on the house, and no reason for the seller's agent to have changed the status. This is probably a good thing for us, though, as it means that the house will not be showing up as an active listing and this will also keep other people from making an offer. We're still waiting to hear back from the lender. A week ago we were told it would be about 2 weeks. So.. high alert is off. Mood is back to normal.


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