Sunday, May 18, 2008


We went to the house again today, this time with my parents in tow. We got a big surprise- the garage has been converted to a rental unit. If we get the house, we will be demoing the wall they put up in behind the garage door, putting back in the hardware for the roll-up door, and getting rid of the shower, toilet, sink, and kitchenette. ...Yeah.. Or we just keep it and then Steve never has to come in from the garage.

Our offer is the best one now. Supposedly we should be getting in answer in about two weeks.


I ran one of those word cloud things on my blog, and featured words included HOUSE and STRESS STRESS STRESS. (Yes, three times.) Plus Alan Rickman, dumb kids, and cell phone. And the word "eh." Interesting, ehhhhhhhhhh?


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