Monday, August 25, 2008

An answer, soon! And for real this time!

"This loan is included in the short sale bulk 8/2008 and has already been systemically reviewed & approved or countered. You should receive the letter soon if you have not already received it."

Um... and suddenly, we are getting an answer. It has already been sent, although the assistant to Mrs. Government Takeover of the Bank, Division of Short Sales, doesn't seem to be able to tell us what that letter may say.

I guess we'll know this week. Wow. I think there is hope of being in a house while we're still 25 (deadline, Oct. 1) although this letter thing could say that they want a lot more money. And then, who knows, the house could burn down tomorrow. Or perhaps we will find out that it is filled with ineradicable house scorpions. Or... something else horrible will happen because nothing has been going right for us anyways.

I mentioned this briefly on the blog, but the house is actually abandoned. Every time I'm in the area I drive by the house, feeling rather listless. (It is across the street from the teacher supply store. I had hoped to walk to this year's shopping trip.) The yard is growing ever more jungle-like, and for all I know there are homeless people starting campfires in the living room. After all, anyone can get in through the two doors that had broken panes of glass when we toured the house in May. The sad thing? This is the most solid, absolute news that we've ever gotten, and I KNOW that we will be hearing a yes or a more $$ (either of which we've been waiting for) but I'm not that excited. Could things really work out for us?

When I know, it'll be posted here.

One bit of optimism: and if we get the house, we are going to have one damn awesome party.


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