Thursday, February 16, 2006

I am so glad my school has all of next week off! I am more than ready for it. Originally it looked like Steve and I were taking off somewhere this weekend, but now maybe thats off. Of course, I could take my own trip next week... we'll see.

So far my plans are:

1. Go to library. Return the books I've had since December. (Renewed! Not late!) Get new ones.
2. Scrapbook
3. Sleep in
4. Buy something at Ann Taylor Loft
5. Return things to JC penny and that damn teacher store that overcharged me by 6 dollars because they are greedy. (The book says it costs 19.99! Why are you charging me 21.99? And why did you stick a new price tag over the 19.99 list price on the other book that said 24.99???) Cough cough... Lakeshore... cough cough.
6. Cook Steve a nice dinner so that its ready when he gets home from work, and therefore become awesome girlfriend of the day.


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