Thursday, June 14, 2007

There is a list on the whiteboard in my classroom of all the things we* MUST do tomorrow to get the classroom closed up for summer. I think I wrote down something like 25 items!

We will be busy busy because at 1:00 when school is out, I must hop in my car and rush to Bakersfield for my college roomate's wedding extravaganza of sweating. I have a feeling I will just barely make it for the rehearsal. I expect to get into town about fifteen minutes before it starts. :oP

I also need to pack and write a maid of honor toast. I'm thinking about giving the groom tips on being Carolyn's roomate...

*We= my coworkers and I. My coworkers being 20 children in the 8-10 year old hyped-up on sugar and ready for summer set.


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