Sunday, April 13, 2008

#1 Most Important Home Feature

So, we were at a house with our realtor today... It had good points (huge windows everywhere) and bad points (single tiny bathroom.) The previous owners were obviously quirky old people, as evidenced by the roll-down metal security shutters on the outside of every window (!) and the shuffleboard court painted on the garage floor.

I want this house so we can have a shuffleboard party. And then we can close all the security shutters and do a load of dishes in the 2/3 size dishwasher. Oh, and eat kumquats off the tree in the front yard.

And THEN we can go into the single tiny bathroom where, behind one half of the medicine cabinet, you will find a painted picture of Minnie Mouse instead of shelves.

Seriously folks, I want a house while we're still 25. :oP And this is probably the best house we've seen....


At 4:01 PM, Blogger Jon de Plume said...

Tiny bathroom + shuffleboard in the garage + metal shutters + Minnie mouse = a little more than quirky. The shutters sound like they were preparing for an invasion of zombie engineers from the local hi-tech labs. Run! They're armed with protractors!


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