Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tuesday is coming. Do you have your coat?

Um, yes. It is Tuesday. No news, dudes. Except for the fact that the lender sent an appraiser out to assess the house, which we're afraid could be bad news because the house is a freaking sweet deal. What if the appraiser says it is worth $60,000 more than our offer? That, frankly, would be the truth. And it would be bad if the lender decides to not accept offers that were above the asking price yet not where they think the asking price should be. I guess the lender may not have approved the listing price. I don't know.

Stressful times at work, and then there's this at home. Bluck!

At least I have my knitting!

The shiny golden yarn is the top of an Architect's Hat made with some fabulously expensive silk and wool yarn. (Alchemy Wabi-Sabi, which normally goes for almost $30 for an 86 yard ball. I'm using this copper-gold, a teal, and a variegated green/yellow/turquoise/black) One ball was purchased at half price online , and I bought the other two balls of it with a store credit I have from a yarn store that is, sadly, having a going out of business sale. I .... uh.... also bought a giant 3.5x4.5 foot mirror from the store. We'd better own a fireplace to hang it over soon.

The grey thing is the second sock of a pair of Highland Schottische Kilt Hose for myself. I'm making Steve and I kilt hose so we can wear them to the Scottish Festival in Pleasanton in August.


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