Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I keep not posting on here because I think, hey! Maybe my next post should be about what we hear in this letter thingy!!

But, DUH, the letter hasn't arrived even though it "should arrive soon if it hasn't already" since it was "mailed" on "Monday."

HAHAhAHAHahahahdhhdhahdkdshgsgdfh gsfgkfdshgkla gdshf gdfhkawlg.

Tomorrow makes 120 days the house has been on the market. We put our offer in 4 months ago on Monday. If we make it to the 4 month mark without getting the stinking letter, I am going FREAK OUT EVEN MORE. Perhaps I shall throw something. Everyone keeps asking me if we got the house, and it drives me nuts to keep saying that we haven't heard anything still. Other homebuyers I know who are doing the short sale thing and started weeks after us are already in escrow. Some are actually moved in to their new homes.


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