Sunday, September 14, 2008

Knitting and waiting and watching the grass die

Whoops. Sorry for the radio silence again.

Still here... still waiting. The last "news" was that the assistant lady was very sorry and is trying to help, but wouldn't have access until "early next week." Since "early next week" starts tomorrow, I guess it's time to get my hopes up again. I'm starting to feel like if the answer is yes, they wouldn't have waited so damn long until they could re-issue the letter or give us the info or whatever it is. It's gotta be a "we want more money."

Meanwhile, I've been knitting colorful cotton shrugs for 4 little girls. Oh, and two cotton dresses. I'm a bit obsessed. Coping mechanism? Maybe. It took me 6 days to do Ellie's shrug, and now that I'm starting to freak out more I knitted her twin sister's in 2.

Now that it is bedtime, I'm going to go to bed and... cast on for another shrug!


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